Image related to Plug-ins

Plugin Driven

Disa ships with SMS/MMS support. Plugins can then be added along the way to provide additional services. You can visit our Google+ community to find download links for plugins.

Image related to Unifying Conversations

Unified Conversations

Talk to the same friend on different services? You can easily merge all their conversations into one unified conversation. Conversations you have unified will auto-switch services too.

Image of battery

Easy on your Battery

One app, one process, one wakelock. Disa's scheduler will align wake locks and efficiently manage service connections — saving you battery!

Push to Talk demonstration

Don't type. Talk

Press and hold the microphone icon to record an audio message then let go to send it.

Image of colour palette


Messages from services are easily recognized through customizable colors you choose. Services can also be assigned custom vibration patterns, ringtones and LED colors.

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