Join the Waitlist for Version 1.0

Our new website is coming soon. Use the link below to join the waitlist for updates and Disa news.

Unified Messaging Is Awesome

Disa is your new messaging hub. Just one hub.

Conversations from Telegram, Facebook and Text Messaging services can seamlessly be joined together, or disbanded within seconds.

As we raise funds we'll be adding support for more services. We're also working on our plugin framework documentation so anyone can make a service for Disa.


Plugin Driven

Disa ships with SMS/MMS support. Plugins can then be added along the way to provide additional services. You can visit our community to find download links for plugins.

Unified Conversations

Talk to the same friend on different services? You can easily merge all their conversations into one unified conversation. Conversations you have unified will auto-switch services too.

Easy on your battery

One app, one process. Disa's technology will manage service connections efficiently to save your battery!

Bot Support

Use bots to get custom notifications and news, integrate with IMDB and YouTube, access custom tools to create your own stickers or make a poll. The only thing bots don't seem to be able to do is make a cup of tea. How disappointing.


Customize the message bubble background and font colors. Pick from a selection of colors or use any image to customize conversation backgrounds. Services can also have custom vibration patterns, ringtones and LED colors.

Backup and Restore

Backup your conversations, media gallery and settings to your device or to your Google Drive account.