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Founding Partners

Francois Lebon-Schneider

CEO | Co-Founder

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Jake Louw

CTO (2015-2019) | Co-Founder


Steven Adler

CTO Advisor

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Sandeep Mathur

Head of Technology

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Vipin Makhija

Product Advisor

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Jim Gellas

Fractional CFO

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Michael Sharp

VP Business Development | Post Funding Sales Team Advisor

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Marina Kirik

HR | Corporate Culture Manager

Stephen Bain

Web Designer | Project Manager

Steven Zakharyayev

In-House Corporate Counsel

Notable Developers

Bill McRoberts

Noteable Framework Development Manager (2016-2018)

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Our Statement:

Unite Them All!


Disa Technologies, Inc., founded in 2016, offers a unified messaging app that integrates multiple messaging services (Telegram, Facebook, SMS/MMS, etc.) into one hub. You can organize conversations, shared files, photo galleries, and group conversations in one place, as well as personalize the display and appearance of their interface. A unique feature of Disa is the ability to view conversations from different apps through individual streams or as one unified feed by contact, and reply to them.

Disa has been awarded several patents that cover the framework and the power management technologies. We plan to apply for a patent on a universal email plugin technology for a new release with the next round of funding that will also include the release of an SMB product focused on the small business professional, (e-commerce owner, real estate agent, property manager, solopreneur...etc.)

We have an already accomplished leadership team of innovators responsible for quite a few successful exits and IPO's. Our proof of concept beta phase experienced growth of 750,000 to 1,000,000 monthly active beta testers at peak in 128 countries without a single dollar spent in marketing to date.

Through its dynamic plugin system, the future of Disa's framework will also be able to provide features beyond messaging such as banking transactions, purchase/delivery communications, and email services. The versatility, power management technology, and future abilities of Disa's framework are truly groundbreaking, but our laser focus will begin with releasing our v1.0 SMB product followed by our consumer offering which will complete our ecosystem.

Disa's goal is simple: be the most all-inclusive app in the marketplace by providing one location where users can streamline and organize their messaging needs.

Disa is here to "Unite Them All."

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