Welcome to the Telegram Alpha Plugin help page!

If you are here, it is probably because you clicked on the help button in the Telegram Plugin.

First Steps

If not already done, press the green button which says "Setup Wizard" and follow the instructions on the screen on, to get the amazing telegram plugin up and running! Then go into the offical telegram app and disable the notifications, shown in the video clip below:

Features to be Implemented

A lot of the features are implemented, and others will be implemented after the alpha release. The following is a list of things currently not present in the alpha release:

  • Advanced settings for privacy options
  • Secret chats
  • Replying to a specific message (quoting)
  • Ability to create channels
  • Edit account phone number
  • Tagging users
  • Edited messages support
  • Sticker support and adding new sticker packs
  • Bot keyboards

Where can I report a bug or find support?

Please visit our community to report bugs and get support related to the Telegram plugin!